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Acoustic Consultants For Residential

Noise at home is natural. We all lead busy lifestyles, moving backwards and forwards from one space to another, making noise as we go. Whether its a flat or a house, a bungalow or a cottage, noise transfer is inevitable. The job of an acoustic consultant is to help to protect against this.

We are passionate about ensuring that the day-to-day noise of home-life if not disturbed by or disturbing anybody else, giving residents in all types of housing the peace of mind and a peaceful life. 

Feeling happy at home should be something that comes naturally to everybody. Whatever your choice of residence, be it a flat, a house, a bungalow or a cottage, being able sit back and enjoy the comforts of a peaceful home, without disturbance from neighbours, environmental noises like traffic or even just the sound of other people moving around in your home is a rite everybody should be able to indulge in.

Inside a house, people moving around upstairs shouldn’t be disturbing the people downstairs. Likewise, people coming into one room shouldn’t be at risk of disturbing others in the house or flat. 

In a society in which shift work is becoming more and more common, this is particularly important. Especially in houses with small children and vulnerable residents.

In large-scale buildings, such as apartment blocks, it is also important to sure that interior noise is properly managed so that neighbours do not cause noise disturbance just by moving around in their home. Equally, protecting others from the general day to day noise in a flat or apartment is integral to a successful construction residential building.

That is where Prism Acoustics come in.

How Can We Help?

We understand the importance of enjoying your time at home and are passionate about providing residential designers and architects with expert acoustic consultancy to create homely settings in which everybody can always feel comfortable and relaxed.

Our 3D acoustic modelling software produces a clear virtual reality sound map of how a building sound insulation will need to be installed prior to the commencement of a building project for the residential sector and ensures that building regulation Approved Document E is met at all times as a project progresses from its earliest stages through to completion.

Prism can also carry out environmental noise testing to ensure that construction work on residential buildings does not negatively impact existing spaces or disturb residences already in place. Additionally, we can monitor noise and vibration of construction work in areas where existing spaces are at risk from ongoing building projects.

Our environmental noise tests monitor the implication of ongoing noise from outside factors such as traffic. We work alongside developers to protect future residents from this noise by ensuring that residential spaces are properly insulation against sounds that will be a disturbance to them.

By offering expert acoustic consultancy throughout the course of a building project, a completed building project with correctly managed acoustics could have the potential to reduce the number of noise complaints made to UK councils.

Our expert acoustic consultants provide expertise to architects, developers and designers throughout the commercial sector in Birmingham, the West Midlands and through the UK.

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