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Acoustic Consultants For Industrial

Construction work on industrial sites are inevitably noisy. Machinery comes and goes, equipment is working and there are plenty of voices working to be heard above it all. 

Whether its noise at work on an industrial site, or vibrations and sounds affecting the nearby areas, Prism Acoustics can offer acoustic consultancy to ensure a safe and harmonious environment across the entire industrial sector.  

The industrial sector makes up 7% of UK GDP, making it a sector that is likely to cross over into everybody’s lives at some point. This could be through ongoing developments near to places of work or home, schools being relocated to newer or refurbished settings or property development for a domestic home.

Like every other sector, the industrial sector is bound by certain regulations surrounding the impact that they have on their workplace, their employees and the surrounding area. Prism Acoustics exist to ensure that noise regulations are not breached by this industry through the range of acoustic services that we offer.

The impact of excessive noise levels can cause distress to the surrounding areas. Work in residential areas could have a potential impact on young people and vulnerable adults, in places of work productivity can be impaired and the health of those in medical environments could be worsened as a result of ongoing, excessive noise from industrial work going on around them.

This could lead to complaints to local councils who are then able to serve notices and issue fines. For a construction business, this could be potentially catastrophic.

Avoiding these instances is a priority for the industrial sector and Prism Acoustics have the software to help this!

In built-up areas where construction work is taking place near homes, schools or hospitals, it is important to ensure that there is minimal disturbance to existing buildings.

How Can Prism Help You?

We provide noise and vibration analysis to the industrial sector and produce 3D noise maps to demonstrate the impact that noise from the working site is having on the local area as a result of how sound is travelling into those spaces.

We are also able to provide noise at work assessments to the industrial sector to ensure that employees are amply protecting from the risk of tinnitus or hearing damage due to excessive noise on site.

The Control Of Noise At Work Regulation lays out the recommended regulations for employers for allowed levels of noise in the workplace, including for people working on construction sites who should be provided with adequate equipment to protect their hearing such as ear-defenders while on site.

Our expert acoustic consultants provide expertise to architects, developers and designers throughout the commercial sector in Birmingham, the West Midlands and through the UK.

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