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Acoustic Consultants For Education

Trying to learn in a classroom with improper acoustics can have catastrophic consequences for students and teachers alike. If a teacher cannot be heard a pupil cannot learn. Prism Acoustics are working to bring the latest in acoustic consultancy to the educational sector and ensure that no child is left behind because of inappropriate acoustic facilities in school.


Acoustic regulations such as BB93 Design Regulations, introduced by the government in 2014, are designed to help to protect pupils’ education from being impeded by poor quality classrooms in which they cannot hear, study and learn.

Research carried out by Education World has shown that the implications for a child who cannot reach their maximum potential as the result of their school acoustics damaging speech intelligibility of teachers and fellow students can include poor concentration, lack of enjoyment when learning and lower grades.

Standard classrooms in new-build primary and secondary schools should not exceed an indoor ambient noise level of 35dB LAeq,30mins, whereas it is recommended that refurbished schools do not breach 40dB LAeq,30mins. This reduces the chances of disturbance from interior ambient noises such as other classrooms and human traffic in the corridors. 

It is the responsibility of designers, architects and developers to ensure that no child feels that their learning has been damaged because they cannot hear the teacher. That is where Prism Acoustics come in.

Prism Acoustics offer expert acoustic consultancy to designers and architects, helping them to align educational environments with acoustic legislation such as BB93 and the Advice On Standards For School Premises document.

How Can Prism Acoustics Help You?

We offer architectural acoustic consultancy for a variety of educational environments such as nurseries, schools, lecture theatres and university classrooms and sixth form colleges.

Our 3D Acoustic modelling software allows Prism to demonstrate how sounds will be heard before building work for schools has even begun, guaranteeing the highest quality in speech intelligibility and acoustic integrity across all school spaces.

Prism Acoustics is able to offer environmental noise testing to existing schools to ensure that they remain compliment with government guidelines on acoustics in education, including construction noise and vibration assessments for schools in which learning may be being interrupted by ongoing development work during learning hours.

With our specialist acoustic consultancy, teachers can feel reassured that even the students at the back of the classroom will have their full attention throughout lessons, understanding concepts and tasks set to them thanks to the acoustic design of their classroom maximising their learning potential through expert sound control.

Pupils will be able to consult with their colleagues without the interruption of outside noises and disturbance from other classes carrying through to disrupt their learning.

We provide experience and expertise across Birmingham, the West Midlands and the UK to:

  • Local authories
  • Architectural practices
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities 

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