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Working in an environment with excessive noise levels can cause major problems to productivity and moral. Ensuring that everybody is protected from noise interruptions both inside and outside of a commercial environment is vitally important. Prism Acoustics are passionate about providing acoustic consultancy to the commercial sector to meet acoustic design regulations for workplaces and beyond. 

People in the commercial sector spend, on average, over 92,000 hours at work in their lifetime (Psychology Today).

With this amount of time being dedicated to being in one place, it is important that the acoustic integrity of all commercial settings is up to standard for the sake of productivity and workplace well-being.

In 2005, the Health And Safety Executive, proposed the Control Of Noise At Work Regulation which then came into effect in April 2006. It is designed to provide employees with protection from the potentially harmful effects of noisy workplace environments.  

Improperly designed acoustics combined with poorly managed noise can have long term health implications such as tinnitus or hearing impairment or loss. The Control Of Noise At Work Regulation put responsibility on employers to correctly control this and protect the welfare of their employees.

Acoustics should always be an early consideration and Prism Acoustics has the tools to accommodate that.

How Can We Help You?

We use 3D acoustic modelling software to work alongside architects and designers throughout commercial building development from inception to completion to ensure that service users will be adequately protected against both indoor ambient noise, such as noise from other areas inside the building, and outdoor noise such as traffic.

The application of Prism Acoustics’ 3D modelling can prevent the development of acoustically problematic office spaces. The development of acoustically integral office has many benefits including:

  • Better concentration on allocated tasks
  • Reduced risk of distraction
  • Better speech intelligibility and communication between service users
  • Reduced absenteeism caused by health problems caused by noise such as migraines, hypertension and stress related illness.

With this service we can show how reverberation time will look in a potential workspace and work alongside architects and designers throughout a project to ensure that sound insulation is properly organised and that there is strict compliance with all building regulations.

Prism Acoustics can also carry out Noise At Work Assessments in existing buildings and produce 3D noise maps to demonstrate how sound travels in the workplace and the potential implications that this could be having on service users.   

Our expert acoustic consultants provide expertise to architects, developers and designers throughout the commercial sector in Birmingham, the West Midlands and through the UK.

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