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Acoustic Consultants For Healthcare

The healthcare system is one of the most important sectors that we rely on throughout every stage of our lives. Access to care that is up to the highest standard is something that we are lucky enough to expect as standard. 

We are passionate about ensuring acoustic optimisation for hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries and healthcare practices. 

Sound can be a major issue within the healthcare sector, particularly in busy environments such as hospitals.

The acoustic design of building should ensure that the constant industriousness of a working hospital does not impede patient wellness and recovery by reducing noise transference of both indoor and outdoor ambient sounds.

Wards and corridors in hospitals constantly have medical staff, visitors and patients moving around, all creating their own level of noise that can cause disturbance to those who require uninterrupted rest for the purposes of their recovery. 

Protection From Sounds 

Protection from exterior sounds, such as sirens from emergency service vehicles, traffic noise from staff and visitors coming and going from the hospital at all hours and air-ambulance service arrivals and departures, is also integral to the overall healing process of services users.

It is not just service users who require acoustically sound environments in the healthcare sectors. Medical staff working long hours require periods of rest to ensure that they are not putting patients at risk of harm by being too distracted or tired to work as a result of interrupted rest breaks.

In the healthcare sector, sensitive information is often discussed between patients, medical staff and other personnel. An acoustically perfected healthcare building should be designed with this in mind; allowing for privacy and confidentiality to be maintains for the sake of patients and medical staff alike.

The acoustic design guide for the healthcare sector, HTM 08-01, lays out the expected requirements for the acoustic design of buildings intended for the use of providing any form of healthcare to service users.

The diagram below outlines the government’s expectations for the life-cycle of a healthcare building, as seen in the HTM 08-01 document.

HTM 08-01 Building Map | Prism Acoustics | Birmingham, West Midlands

How Can We Help?

Prism Acoustics can offer designers and architects 3D acoustic modelling consultancy to ensure that the construction of a hospital, clinic, GP surgery or other healthcare building is designed in line with HTM 08-01’s criteria for both internal and external noise on hospital wards, operating theatres, recovery spaces, laboratories and other medical areas.

With our specialist acoustic consultancy, service providers and users alike can feel safe in the knowledge that their well-being has been carefully considered in the design of healthcare buildings as we consult with developers from the inception to completion of a project.

Prism offer noise and vibration monitoring for construction projects for the development and refurbishment of healthcare buildings and to monitor the impact of noise and vibration caused by the use of medical equipment.

Our expert acoustic consultants provide expertise to architects, developers and designers throughout the healthcare sector in Birmingham, the West Midlands and through the UK.

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