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Sectors We Specialise In

Prism Acoustics provide expert acoustic consultancy to a variety of different sectors. Every industry has specific needs and regulations to ensure optimal sound levels for building occupant well being and comfort. This can only be achieved through high quality acoustics and minimal sound disturbances.

Prism Acoustics offer expert acoustic consultancy to ensure people throughout these sectors are able to work to their highest capabilities through minimal noise disruption. We offer environmental noise assessments for work and residential locations, acoustic consultancy on building projects for spaces with specific purposes and advanced acoustic modelling for development projects across the sectors.


Prism Acoustics specialise in supporting designers and architects with controlling sound, noise and speech transmission in educational environments such as nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. 

We work across the education sector to ensure that all learning environments meet the required standards for healthy learning environments for students and teachers alike. 

We are experts in translating BB93, the 2015 government guidelines on acoustic integrity of schools and learning spaces, into well designed classrooms and teaching environments with optimal speech transmission and acoustic performance. 

We provide experience and expertise, helping local authorities, architectural practices, schools and universities in Birmingham, the West Midlands and right across the UK. 

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Prism Acoustics are architectural acoustic consultants specialising in collaborating with designers to create healthcare environments such as hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries.

Under the government’s HTM 08-01 regulation, these spaces require expert noise control to maintain the well-being of patients. They must have sound control measures in place to ensure that speech transmission between medical staff and patients is not impeded by environmental noise disruptions such as traffic or sound transferring from other wards. 

Improper sound control can have negative impacts on recovery and overall standard of care to patients. 

We provide expert acoustic consultancy to architects, health care clinics, surgeries and hospitals in Birmingham, the West Midlands and across the UK. 

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Prism Acoustics specialise in collaborating on architectural projects designing acoustically sound commercial environments such as offices, call centres, conference centres and meeting rooms.

An optimal acoustic environment enables teams and workers to focus and work well. Poor acoustic design leads high noise levels, poor speech transmission and affects people’s ability to concentrate, which can impact productivity and raise work place tensions.

Prism Acoustics offer acoustic consultancy to designers to ensure that environmental noise doesn’t damage the acoustic integrity of a commercial area. We provide 3D acoustic modelling of architecture projects to ensure the best quality sound in all work spaces. 

We offer noise consultancy across Birmingham, the West Midlands and the UK. 




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Prism Acoustics specialise in the support of architectural building projects for residential spaces such as apartment blocks and houses. 

Prism Acoustics will provide architectural acoustic consultancy, in line with Approved Document E, to designers throughout a project from environmental noise assessments in the planning stage through to completion, monitoring the acoustic integrity of a space for the entire lifespan of a development. 

If noise is improperly monitored, residents can suffer from noise disruption from neighbours, traffic and even planes travelling overhead. This can have serious implications on health and well-being, as well as property values.  

We work with developers from Birmingham, the West Midlands and across the UK to ensure building projects meet the required building regulations to ensure harmonious living spaces for all. 

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Prism Acoustics are experts in noise and vibration analysis for industrial areas such as petrochemical sites, factories and quarries.

We work with the industrial sector to provide acoustic consultancy from the planning stages of a new project to the ongoing noise and vibration monitoring of existing sites to ensure that they meet performance standards for Noise At Work Act 1994 set out by the government to protect employees.

Our environmental noise monitoring software measures the impact of sound and vibration from industrial sites and maps out the impact that sites are having on the surrounding areas.

Prism Acoustics can offer noise and vibration analysis and acoustic consultancy in Birmingham, the West Midlands and across the whole of the UK.

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