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Acoustic Consultants For Live Event Monitoring

Festivals aren’t just about getting muddy and crowd surfing across fields of thousands of people. They are also about sound. Live music generates huge volumes of noise that needs to be monitored and managed with close attention to detail to keep within regulations and create an environment that is enjoyable for all.

Prism Acoustics are passionate about bringing expert acoustic consultancy to the live events, keeping them in line with noise regulations without taking away any of the excitement for festival-goers or organisers.

Live events are naturally noisy places.

As hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people flock to venues they each bring with them high levels of excitement for celebrating an occasion or seeing live music played on a stage by their favourite band. They all bring their own noise. Couple this with the events themselves, be it music, staged acts or activities that generate high amounts of sound and you have a whole lot of noise to contend with.  

For events organisers, it’s important to consider not just the enjoyment of the festival goers, but also those in the local area who may be affected by the noise generated by the event, particularly if it is running overnight when noise curfews can take place. This all needs to happen without the overall enjoyment of the experience being hindered for anybody.

The Health And Safety Executive have a number of guidelines making up codes of practice for events organisers to stick to when planning and running a live event. These guidelines protect local residents from ongoing excessive noise levels while also maximising the potential of enjoyment for attendees.

Additionally, there are protective guidelines in place for staff working at the event under The Noise At Work Regulation.

How Can We Help You?

Here at Prism Acoustics, we are passionate about helping to create thrilling live events that are hugely enjoyable for both attendees and those from the local area.

Our acoustic consultants can work alongside event organisers to put in place strategies to protect the local area from noise levels.

Using our own 3D Acoustic modelling software, we can make highly accurate predictions on areas of the site that are most vulnerable to emitting excessive noise into the local area and put measures in place to protect against that.

We can also be part of the team working throughout the event, ensuring ongoing compliance with regulation without interrupting the experience for others.

We provide live events monitoring to events such as:

  • Festivals
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Outdoor concerts

Our acoustic consultants will work in close consultation with you to ensure that your event stays in check without ruining the fun. 

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