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Acoustic Consultants For Environmental Noise Testing

When planning a development, the placement of sound insulation within a space to protect from the impact of the outside environment and internal noise is an essential factor in the overall success of a project.

Prism Acoustics offer quality Environmental Noise Assessments to architects and developers throughout a development project to ensure compliance with building regulations from the beginning of a project, through to completion and beyond.

Architects approaching a new development plan or a conversion for an existing space need to consider noise into the decisions that they make when designing a space. This includes the construction and the noise that spaces need to be protected against after completion.

Environmental Noise Assessments are a valuable asset to any stage of a development. In the planning stages, a thorough noise assessment can indicate the current noise levels from traffic, any air traffic going overhead and other exterior sounds that will penetrate a new building.

This, in turn, can guide how building plans are drawn up to include proper sound insulation, protecting those inside a space from potentially harmful levels of noise from the environment around them.

In the development stages, when work has begun, noise will be generated by the construction team as the project undergoes progress. There are regulations in place such as advisories from the UK Government that allow councils to issue penalties as a result of excessive noise. 

By carrying out Environmental Noise Assessments, Prism Acoustics can ensure that any construction noise generated during a project development stays within the recommended guidelines, protecting firms from notices from the council, and local residents and workers from excessive, ongoing noise.

Following completion of a development, a noise assessment can help to ensure that all regulations have been adhered to and that no adjustments need to be made before a space is occupied by residents or users.

Sectors We Consult With

Environmental Noise Assessments are particularly important for education and healthcare developments as spaces being created for these sectors often involve children and vulnerable people who are more susceptible to noise disturbance that could have implications for their learning or recovery.

Without the use of environmental noise assessments, building sound insulation risks being inadequate to defend against exterior sounds, weakening the acoustic integrity of the space upon competition. The result of this could be noise complaints and damage to the reputation of those involved in creating the project.

Our Offer

Prism Acoustics are acoustic consultants based in Birmingham in the West Midlands. We can carry out environmental noise assessments across the country, to multiple sectors including residential and commercial. Our noise assessments for these sectors keep developments compliant with the relevant protocols such as Approved Document E and The Noise At Work Regulation.

We carry out noise assessments and produce 3D Noise Maps to show how sound will impact the new building before construction work has begun.

Using our 3D Noise Mapping software, exclusive to Prism Acoustics, we can produce clear guidelines to designers, specifiers and architects to help them design a fully compliant space that will be a pleasure to be in for all.  

Our acoustic consultants will work to carry out a thorough noise assessment for your development and produce an accurate report in the form of 3D noise maps to guide the ongoing progress of your project.

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