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Acoustic Consultants For Architectural Acoustics

No matter what the intended use of a space, if it hasn’t been designed to maximise the acoustic integrity, it could become unusable.

Prism Acoustics are acoustic consultants offering consultation to designers and architects to ensure the architectural acoustics of a space are up to the highest standard, creating areas that can be enjoyed by all users without disturbance from sounds outside or around them.

Architectural acoustics refers to the process of ensuring that spaces are designed with optimal acoustics that are both compliant with the relevant regulations based on the intended usage of a space, and that disturbance from noises both in and around a building won’t disturb those making use of it.

The correct placement and installation of sound insulation is a key part of architectural acoustics. Buildings need to be protected against exterior noises such as traffic or aircraft noise, as well the sound generated by people moving around inside a building.

Through working with acoustic consultants, architectural acoustics can be properly designed to reach their high potential, creating harmonious environments for all.   

Architectural acoustics also means ensuring that speech intelligibility in a space is maintained so that communication isn’t impeded when the area is in use. This is achieved through a highly accurate design consultation that monitors how long reverberation time will be and ensuring that it doesn’t affect the way sound will come across negatively.

Regulation Compliance

As part of the architectural design for spaces, there must be strict compliance with Building Regulations ADE. These regulations layout the standards that architects must consider when designing a space and protect people from damaging noise levels that affect the usability of an area.  

There are a variety of different regulations within each sector that architects work in that go alongside the Building Regulations ADE. These have to be considered as well.

In the education sector, schools need to be compliant with the BB93 Design guide, which strictly outlines the noise levels that classroom needs to remain within for the well-being of staff and students and to ensure noise doesn’t impact on learning outcomes

Other regulations include the Noise At Work act for commercial buildings, where noise from open plan offices needs to be controlled through proper sound insulation so as work productivity isn’t affected.

This is also relevant for people working on construction sites where machinery noise must be monitored to protect site workers from hearing loss.   

How Can Prism Acoustics Help?

Using 3D acoustic modelling software, designed and created by Prism Acoustics, we can ensure that architectural plans are designed to optimise the sound quality in a space, through the consideration of regulations, reverberation time and speech intelligibility.

We provide acoustic consultancy to architects, specifiers and designers across a variety of sectors including:

Our acoustic consultants can work alongside a project from the planning through to the completion stage to ensure total compliance with regulations and to make sure that the architectural acoustics of a space are perfect for those working within it at all times. 

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