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Acoustic Consultants For 3D Acoustic Modelling And Noise Mapping

Prism Acoustics have developed their very own brand of 3D Acoustic Modelling software to give our acoustic consultants the edge when it comes to providing expert consultancy to our clients.

The software allows us to give highly accurate predictions of sound impacts that can then be part of planning applications for building developments, live events and architectural designs.  

PRISM, the 3D Acoustic Modelling Software designed and owned exclusively by Prism Acoustics, is a sophisticated program that we can use as part of our acoustic services to give you the highest standard of service when it comes to noise assessments, architectural planning and live events monitoring.

With the use of 3D Acoustic Modelling Software, we can consult with architects, designers and specifiers throughout a project to demonstrate how a space will sound before construction work has begun. This allows them to adjust their plans to meet the needs of a space depending on where buildings will be most vulnerable to certain noises such as traffic or aeroplane disturbances.

Our acoustic consultants can carry around extensive investigations into the acoustic integrity of a space which can then aid the decisions being made by architects and specifiers and they put a project together ready for construction work to begin.

Additionally, we can offer our acoustic modelling services to specific, technical projects such as concert hall design, television studio design and audio recording suite design. These spaces have highly specific needs when it comes to the transmission of sound and ensuring that they are acoustically fit for purpose is a primary passion of our acoustic consultants at Prism Acoustics.

Construction Works And Sound Impact

As well as planning from construction developments and live events, Prism’s acoustic modelling software can help to demonstrate the implications of construction noise on the local area and consult with site managers to keep these works in line with regulations laid down by the UK Government.   

By monitoring construction site noise, Prism Acoustics can reduce the risk of firms being reported to local councils for excessive noise. This can, in turn, protect them from potential penalties or fines being issued by local councils because of the sound levels being a disturbance to the local community.


STIPA stands for Speech Transmission Index for Public Address systems. It is the measure of how speech in transmitted through a particular channel, such as a public address system, a room or over the phone.

How Can We Help You?

If you are part of a project for live events, or planning and developing, Prism Acoustics can work alongside you to maintain close alignment with regulations for the relevant sectors that you are working with and guide you to successful completion before, during and after the project has occurred.

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