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Acoustic Services We Provide

Prism Acoustics are experienced acoustic consultants based in Birmingham in the West Midlands. We offer a range of acoustic services to multiple sectors ensuring that regulations and requirements are always adhered to.

Whether you require a noise report, survey, or architectural acoustic advice, Prism Acoustics can provide practical and affordable solutions for your project.


Architectural Acoustics

Building Regulations ADE are the most important factor of consideration for any development project, regardless of the purpose of the building.

Prism Acoustics can offer design advice to architects and designers in the residential, education (BB93 Design) and Healthcare (HTM 08-01) sectors to ensure compliance with building regulations for sound insulation placement and reverberation time modelling with the use of our 3D Acoustic Modelling Software, created and designed by Prism Acoustics.

Controlling reverberation time and ensuring maximum levels of speech intelligibility within a space is integral to ensuring a successful development of the spaces your project creates.

Our acoustic consultants offer guidance to ensure that these factors are considered.

We can also offer advice on the controlling of indoor ambient noise levels to ensure that users in a space are not disturbing each other as they move around and communicate, and provide noise at work assessments to ensure compliance with Building Regulations Part E.

Prism Acoustics | Leading Acoustic Consultants In Birmingham, West Midlands



Environmental Noise Assessments

Noise assessments are a critical part of the planning and development stages of a building project. We offer environmental noise impact assessments to architects, planners and designers from the inception of a project through to completion. By assessing both environmental noise and the impact of the sound created by construction sites, we can ensure that your project does not have an adverse impact on the local sound environment.

Our acoustic consultants supply guidance to a huge range of projects from a variety of sectors including education, residential and healthcare.

Our noise mapping software allows us to ensure that no matter what form your project takes, your developments are compliant with local and national noise requirements every time.

Prism Acoustics | Leading Acoustic Consultants In Birmingham, West Midlands


Live Event Monitoring

Festival season isn’t just about fun and mud. It’s also about music and sound.

Festivals can therefore cause a lot of noise disturbance to the local areas and residents.

There are a number of regulations that festival organisers have to adhere to, such as Codes Of Practice For Environmental Noise, and Prism Acoustics can offer expert consultancy to keep the noise levels in line with these guidelines, without ruining the fun.

We use our specialist 3D acoustic modelling software to make predictions about the impact of the noise on surrounding areas and maintain compliance throughout the event.

Prism Acoustics | Leading Acoustic Consultants In Birmingham, West Midlands

Sound Monitoring for Live Events | Prism Acoustics | Birmingham, West Midlands

3D Acoustic Modelling, STIPA & Research

Prism Acoustics develop our own in-house specialist 3D Acoustic Modelling software.

Using our industry leading virtual reality software; PRISM, we can see and hear how your concert hall, recording studio, or church hall will sound before a single brick has even been laid.

Prism Acoustics are also specialists in understanding and providing analysis of the Speech Transmission Index Public Address Systems (STIPA).

Public address systems are a safety feature for many environments and a properly understandable speech transmission is critical to maintaining a safe environment for all.

Prism Acoustics | Leading Acoustic Consultants In Birmingham, West Midlands

3D Noise Mapping software ad Acoustic Consultants | Prism Acoustics | Birmingham, West Midlands

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