Prism Acoustics

Prism Acoustics Update

Prism Acoustics Update

Now for a quick Prism Acoustics Update!

I am delighted to say that the past few months have exceeded all expectations, and that Prism Acoustics has completed work on a number of schemes already.

Somehow in between the mad schedule, I have managed to update the website to give a better overview of the services Prism Acoustics provides (and have made it more shiny in the process).

If you are interested in acoustics or require assistance in your work, please take a look at, where you can find out about the services we provide.

With regards to the Prism Acoustics-RA software, I have used it to assist with calculations in a couple of schemes (calibrating the results with existing software and measurements). I will first look to ensure I am achieving consistent results before issuing any alpha testing keys.

Prism Acoustics Model

I’ll look to provide further updates on a more frequent basis now that things are coming together. Some updates may be about the company and our work, and others may be general posts regarding acoustics topics, or other related areas of Physics.


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