What We Do

Prism Acoustics is an Acoustic Consultancy based in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Our aim is to use the latest advancements in technology in all of our work. These advancements allow us to reduce cost for our clients. 

Acoustic Reports for Planning

We assist with planning applications for many types of development.

Acoustic Design

We help architects improve the quality of acoustic design in buildings for: schools, residences, healthcare and more.

Live Event Monitoring

We provide noise monitoring services at live music events and festivals across the UK.

Set Price Services

Noise Survey Data

Low price noise data collection for acoustic consultancies

  • Ideal for busy periods
  • Save time allowing staff to concentrate on pressing tasks

Noise Assessment

Single environmental report for residential planning applications - BS8233

£700+ mileage
  • Strong record of meeting conditions
  • 10% discount with upfront payment
  • 3D Noise model included

3D Acoustic Modelling

Advanced room acoustic software services for acoustic consultancies / architects

  • Experts in the field of acoustic modelling
  • Save money on high price of software and training
Fantastic service and really good at what he does. British Gypsum often require acousticians to help us with projects and Stuart certainly came through for us. Thank you,
Derren Hetherington
British Gypsum

Data Driven

As big data is used more and more frequently, it has a greater impact on all areas of our lives and business. Prism Acoustics look to take advantage of big data, helping us to provide more accurate results, and reduce costs for our clients.


We strive to be at the forefront of acoustic innovation. This enables us not only to be one step ahead of competition, but also to provide accurate solutions to generally unsolved problems.

Tailored Advice

Whether you require advice for setting up a home cinema, noise control for converting a shop into flats, you plan to build a concert venue or you need specific acoustic research, we can help.

Contact us today:

Contact: Stuart Cumming BSc(Hons), MSc, MIOA

Mobile: 07792923337

Email: stuart@prismacoustics.co.uk

Company Location:
Broad Street

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20-22 Wenlock Road
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