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About Us

Prism Acoustics is one of the fastest growing and most innovative enterprises in the acoustics industry. By using a mixture of experience and technology to projects in the built environment, we provide high quality solutions for our clients.

Our HQ is based in Birmingham, West Midlands, the birthplace of the industrial revolution, and our products and services are supplied across the UK and beyond. Through creativity and passion for our work, we supply the highest quality solutions and sound advice.

Environmental Noise Assessments & Planning Acoustic Consultancy | Birmingham, West Midlands| Prism Acoustic

Planning - Assessment & Noise Reports

  • Residential (BS8233:2014)
  • Industrial Noise (BS4142:2014)
  • Pubs & Clubs (IOA Guide)
Sound Acoustic Consultancy & Planning | Birmingham, West Midlands | Prism Acoustics

Architectural Acoustics

  • Educational Buildings (BB93)
  • Places of Faith & Worship
  • Healthcare (HTM 08-01)
Vibration Analysis Services For Building Projects, Rail/Underground And Quarrying | Prism Acoustics | Birmingham, West Midlands

Vibration Analysis

  • Construction Sites
  • Train / Underground
  • Blasting / Quarrying
Acoustic 3D Modelling & Sound Mapping | Birmingham, West Midlands | Prism Acoustics

Advanced Acoustics & Acoustic Modelling

  • Live Music Venues
  • Room Acoustics in Concert Halls
  • Recording Studios
Live Event and Sound Monitoring | Prism Acoustics | Birmingham, West Midlands

Event Monitoring

  • Music Festivals
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • One off events
3D Acoustic Modelling Software for Architectural Planning | Birmingham West Midlands | Prism Acoustics

Acoustic Software

  • Room Acoustics Prediction (PRISM)
  • Neural Networks

Next-Gen Acoustic Modelling Software

As experts in the field of room acoustics, we are developing the next generation of prediction software.

Our proprietary software has considered high quality graphics, ease of use and virtual reality from the very beginning.

Because we want you to be able to show the quality of your work to your clients, and save time in the process.

Acoustic Modelling Algorithm | West Midlands | Prism Acoustics

Where To Find Us

Situated in the heart of Birmingham, Prism Acoustics are well placed for travel around the UK. 

Based in the West Midlands, we’re able to help nationally, with recent projects in London, Essex, Manchester, Southampton, Cardiff and Bristol.

If you need a quote from an acoustic consultant in the Midlands, or anywhere in the UK, please feel free to contact us. 

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